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Tell us where you want us, and we'll propose locations in the area for your approval.

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Fund your account with $495 in account credit and we'll begin the launch process.

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One of your approved locations will launch! If we don't succeed, you'll get a full refund.

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Questions fréquemment posées

Comment convertir mon paiement en crédit de compte?

The full amount of your $495 my location payment will be immediately returned to you as account credit. If we do not succeed in launching one of your approved locations, any unused portion of the credit will be reimbursed. If you are a customer who spends more than $1,000 annually on Keycafe, your credit will be provided to you in 4 quarterly instalments. Any unused credits expire 2 years after the location's launch.

How do you pick the best location?

We review all locations in the area and select the best candidates in terms of hours and nearness for your consideration. We must have at least 3 pre-approved options to attempt to fulfill your My Location order. The more locations you pre-approve, the higher the probability of success!

Que se passe-t-il en cas de fermeture?

It is rare for locations to close or stop offering Keycafe. If it does happen in the first year after launch and we are unable to find a substitute within 60 days, you will be given a full refund.

How long does the process take?

Typically it takes about 45 days to setup your location. If we haven't launched a location within 90 days, you will be given a full refund.

What if the location is in a new country or city?

Pas de souci! Nous pouvons lancer un emplacement dans votre pays ou dans votre ville, mais nous demandons une participation étant donné les coûts supplémentaires liés à l’installation et à la maintenance de cet emplacement.

Faites une demande et nous reviendrons vers vous le plus rapidement possible.