Keycafe Referral Program

Last updated September 10th, 2020.

You can be rewarded for helping us grow the Keycafe community!

If You refer a business customer that purchases their first Keycafe SmartBox base station, subject to the terms and conditions of this program, You will receive as a reward 10% of the fees paid by your referral during their first year as a Keycafe customer up to a maximum reward of $3,000 (see below for other currencies). Please read these referral program terms for further detail including restrictions and limitations.


  • Keycafe customers or end users are eligible to participate in this program.
  • Each referral You provide must be submitted via our referral form in the Keycafe application or an authorized Keycafe referral landing page in collaboration with the Keycafe marketing team.
  • Your referrals must be Your own business, friends or family contacts, or Your own channel users in the case of an authorized affiliate with a landing page. You may not distribute the referral opportunity or otherwise publicize it for use by the general public.
  • Keycafe reserves the right to refuse to honor referrals and/or terminate your eligibility for this program if Keycafe suspects abuse of any kind in its sole discretion.


  • You submit a referral in Your Account on our app or our website in the “Refer & Earn up to $3,000” area, or via an authorized Keycafe referral landing page in the case of an authorized affiliate.
  • Your referral will receive an email notifying them of a discount opportunity of $200 on the purchase of their first Keycafe SmartBox and introducing them to a Keycafe sales team member.
  • If the referred party is deemed a new customer by Keycafe and purchases their first SmartBox base station within 180 days of Your submission of the referral, upon the referred party fully paying for their SmartBox, Keycafe will contact you to let you know the referral was a success.
  • On the 12 month anniversary of the referred new customer’s original purchase, Keycafe will calculate the referral reward which is the total amount paid by that customer to Keycafe over the preceding year net of any refunds, discounts, taxes, and other offsets, multiplied by 10%, not to exceed $3,000 (“Referral Reward”). Keycafe will contact You for your payout details which must conform to one of Keycafe’s authorized payout methods for Your jurisdiction at the time and be supplied within 30 days in order to receive payment.
  • Currency of the discounts offered and the maximum reward is subject to change and differs by currency. See the reference chart below for the corresponding amounts in your jurisdiction.
Jurisdiction Discount to Referral Maximum Referral Reward
United States $200 $3000
Canada $200 $3000
Europe €200 €3000
UK £200 £3000
Japan ¥20,000 ¥300,000
Taiwan NT$4,000 NT$60,000
Rest of World $200 $3000


  • Rewards are valid only for SmartBoxes purchased directly from Keycafe on its website.
  • If your Keycafe account expires, terminates for any reason or is suspended, your referral opportunities will expire. In addition, Keycafe may at any time refuse to honor a referral reward if Keycafe believes you have violated these rules in its sole discretion, and Keycafe will have no liability to you for any such refusal.
  • If You do not supply Your payout details in accordance with one of Keycafe’s valid payout methods within 30 days of Keycafe contacting You, You will forfeit Your New Customer Reward and Year One Reward payouts.
  • If Keycafe eliminates or substantially modifies this program structure, Keycafe may at any time deem the 12 month anniversary related to any referral’s Referral Reward to have occurred early on a date deemed by Keycafe in its sole discretion. Keycafe may in such a case calculate and pay the Referral Reward owing (if any) to You as of the deemed anniversary date with no further liability to You.
  • Keycafe reserves the right to modify, change, update or terminate this program at any time. Keycafe shall have the sole and exclusive right to resolve all disputes between two or more referrers or referees, and all determinations by Keycafe shall be final and binding. Keycafe reserves all of its rights under the Keycafe Terms of Service and all other applicable Keycafe policies.