Key Exchange Simplified

Automate access to your property using your existing keys and an app!

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$20 Credit by Signing Up Here

Keycafe will associate the $20 credit with your email and keep you informed of locations that launch in the area you designate.

How it Works

Keycafe operates a distributed network of SmartBoxes that let you automate access to your property in 3 simple steps.


STEP 1: Drop your keys off at a nearby Keycafe SmartBox


STEP 2: Assign Access to your keys


STEP 3: Track your keys


Keycafe lets you manage access to your property so you can rest easy knowing your visitors are taken care of

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Storage Time
  • Scheduled or Ongoing Access
  • Unlimited Key Drop-off
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Manage from Anywhere


"Best way to access and drop off keys 24/7. No need to arrange meeting points, no waiting, no misunderstandings. Highly recommended!"
- Keycafe Customer

Special Offer

Keycafe is proud to offer all AirGMS customers a $20 account credit!

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Contact Us


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