Keycafe Community Guidelines

Last updated November 27, 2017.

Capitalized terms used these Keycafe Community Guidelines (these "Guidelines") have the meanings set out in the Keycafe Terms of Service available at (the "Keycafe Terms"), unless otherwise defined in these Guidelines.

As a Customer, regardless of whether You are an End User, Location Provider, Enterprise User or any other user of the Service, You must adhere to these Guidelines in addition to the Keycafe Terms and any other agreements entered into between You and Keycafe. These Guidelines set out the rules, requirements and prohibitions that apply to Your use of or participation in the Service.

As a member of the Keycafe community, You should treat all other members of the Keycafe community, including but not limited to Customers, Location Provider personnel, Keycafe employees and contractors and other persons who interact with the Service, with respect, dignity and courtesy.

Equipment Use, Key and Security Guidelines:

The Keycafe community relies on its members to maintain the security of Keys. As part of Your commitment to Key security, and to ensure that the Service is not disrupted and the Equipment is not damaged, You must abide by the following rules while using the Service:

(a) Keep your Keycafe account credentials safe. Do not share them with others, even those you trust. Every Customer must have a separate account for security purposes and the best user experience.
(b) For Your and others' security, do not attach any identifying information to Keys such as the owner, address or unit number associated with the Keys.
(c) Avoid attaching excessively large Keys, sets of Keys or any non-essential accessories, such as cards or decorative objects, (collectively, "Attachments") to the Key fobs, as these may cause Equipment jams or otherwise disrupt the Service. Occasionally, Keycafe may contact You and inform You that You must remove certain Attachments to continue using the Service. Failure to abide by these requests may result in Your Keycafe account being terminated.
(d) Do not leave Your Keys unattended or provide them to Location Provider personnel for any reason. If You notice any unattended Keys left on or nearby Equipment, please contact Keycafe immediately by using one of the contact methods available at
(e) Ensure that the Equipment bin door is closed after picking up or dropping off Keys.
(f) If You find an Equipment bin door that has been left open, do not place Keys in that bin. You must first complete the Key check-in process and then place the Key in the appropriate bin to ensure that the Service operates correctly.
(g) If for some reason You come into possession with a Key that You were not supposed to receive, You must immediately contact Keycafe using one of the contact methods available at and drop off the Key at a Keycafe Location as soon as possible.
(h) Do not ask Location Provider personnel for assistance with the Equipment or any questions regarding the Service. If You require assistance, please contact Keycafe for support by using one of the contact methods available at

Compliance with Laws and Prohibitions:

You understand and agree that You are solely responsible for compliance with any and all laws, rules and regulations that may apply to Your use of the Service. In connection with Your use of the Service, You may not and You agree that You will not, nor will You attempt to:

(i) use the Service for any commercial or other purposes that are not expressly permitted by the Keycafe Terms or in a manner that falsely implies that Keycafe has endorsed or is in partnership or affiliated with You;
(j) damage, harm or otherwise negatively affect the value of Keycafe's business, brand and Marks in any way, including but not limited to excessively or maliciously disparaging Keycafe or the Service or attempting to extort Keycafe or any Customer online, in person, through social media or in any other forum;
(k) stalk, harass, verbally or physically abuse, threaten, intimidate, injure, steal from or otherwise harm any other Customer, or use the Service to commit such acts against any person;
(l) damage or disrupt the operations and business of any Location Provider;
(m) except as expressly permitted by under the Keycafe Terms or by Keycafe in writing, register for more than one Keycafe account or register from a Keycafe account on behalf of a person other than Yourself;
(n) recruit or otherwise solicit any Customers to join third-party services that are competitive to the Service or Keycafe;
(o) impersonate any Customer, Keycafe employee or contractor or any other person, or falsify or otherwise misrepresent Yourself or Your affiliation with any person; or
(p) improperly access, use or tamper with the Equipment or any portion thereof.