New Features Update December 2021

The team at Keycafe has been hard at work turning customer feedback into new solutions for key management. Our December update highlights a few of the new features rolled out to help streamline your operations.

Send custom alerts when keys are not returned

With Programmable Alerts, you can create alerts with your own customized messaging that gets sent to a key’s user, administrator, or any other user when keys are not returned by a specified time.

By using Time Shifts along with Programmable Alerts you can customize exactly when you want to send out notifications of missing keys. This is a very important feature in better key management and one of our most requested so we are happy to be bringing this to you now.

Create your first alert now!

Create scheduled shifts with key access

Time Shift profiles can be created by administrators to restrict users’ key access to particular days and times.

This simplifies giving company-wide access to individual keys or groups of keys ensuring authorized access only within specific business hours.

The option for ongoing access allows staff to pick up keys 24/7 which works for many organizations, but Time Shifts enhance customization by restricting pickup access due to shift work, or ensuring keys are available for contractors after hours.

Find out how to set up your first time shift.

New Search Filters for your fleet of keys

Our enhanced Key Search Filters allow for faster searches especially valuable for accounts with large volumes of keys.

A new filter displays keys by either checked in or by checked out status, enabling managers to see the status of multiple keys at a glance.

Another option is to view all keys checked out by an individual staff member at a glance from within the users section.

These two features will save valuable time for managing larger fleets of keys and enable faster resolution when keys are not where they need to be.

See how the filters work.

Quick authentication with new User Badges

The Keycafe User Badge is a game changing feature when it comes to rapid access. No more pin codes or apps to authenticate at a SmartBox.

User Badges enable quick tap authentication by tapping the badge to the Keycafe SmartBox scanner and selecting the keys from the list of authorized keys on screen.

For even more convenience, User Badges can be a sticker that is placed on an access card that staff already carry to streamline systems.

With the simple tap of a badge, authentication is complete and the user is able to quickly access their authorized keys.

Learn more about User Badges and see them in action.

Ready for smart key management?

Configure and purchase your smart key deployment in minutes. Our 24/7 support team will work with you to setup your solution and ensure its a success. If Keycafe is not the right fit for you business, you may return it for a fully refund for up to 45 days!

Customize your solution now
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