With Fleetio, users can manage maintenance, DVIRs, fuel, parts, inventory, vehicle assignments, recalls and more all in one place. Fleetio powers public and private fleets in more than 80 countries in industries like consumer and business services, construction, transportation and many others.

With the Keycafe and Fleetio integration, you can reduce the administrative burden of managing and keeping track of keys. Unique key access codes are generated and instructions are sent when assigning drivers to vehicles.

Simplify key access for your staff

Simplify key access
for your staff

Link a Keycafe key to a Fleetio vehicle, so drivers are automatically granted access every time a vehicle is assigned.

Offer 24/7 vehicle pickup and dropoff

Offer 24/7 vehicle
pickup and dropoff

Give drivers the option to pick up and return vehicles after-hours, with no staff needed on site.

Reduce fleet size

fleet size

By maximizing fleet efficiency, and reducing down time, you can get more done with a smaller fleet.

Improve operational efficiency

operational efficiency

Automatically notify managers and remind staff to return keys at the end of their shift.

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Configure and purchase your smart key deployment in minutes. Our 24/7 support team will work with you to set up your solution and ensure it's a success. If Keycafe is not the right fit for your business, you may return it for a full refund for up to 45 days!

Konfigurieren Sie jetzt Ihre Lösung
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