New Features Update April 2022

Our latest round of feature updates includes a new software integration for vehicle fleets, as well as options to make your key management system more efficient.

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience and practicality of our system, so if you have a feature you’d like to see developed, let us know!

Fleetio software integration for fleet managers

Introducing our latest partner software integration: Fleetio!

Fleetio is a vehicle fleet management software that helps monitor and manage operations, maintenance, and communications for your entire inventory of vehicles.

With the Keycafe and Fleetio integration, fleet managers can easily assign drivers to vehicles and automate the key access process.

Learn more about Fleetio and start using the integration.

Rename your SmartBoxes for better organization

SmartBox owners can now rename their SmartBoxes in the Keycafe app! SmartBoxes will be ordered alphabetically to easily distinguish exactly which unit is being managed.

This has been a highly requested feature from our users, and we’re excited to see it help companies better manage their key management system.

Start renaming your SmartBoxes now!

Quickly link Keycafe fobs to your keys

It’s now easier than ever to add individual keys to your Keycafe system that are ready for use. When creating a new key, there is an option to enter a key fob serial number, without the need for a separate setup step.

As always, when adding a large number of keys at once, such as the initial setup of a new system, you can instead perform a bulk upload.

Try adding a new key today!

Fob bins - enable or disable them

For existing users, you may be familiar with the fob bin in your Base SmartBoxes. These store and dispense the fobs used in your key management system and were previously enabled by default.

They are necessary if your workflow involves guest users setting up their own keys, but if you’d like to free it up to use for key storage, you can contact our support team to disable the setting.

For new SmartBox owners, your unit will ship with a bag of fobs outside the SmartBox and the fob bin enabled for key storage by default. If you’d like to use it as a fob bin, contact support and they can turn it on for you!

Bereit für eine intelligente Schlüsselverwaltung?

Configure and purchase your smart key deployment in minutes. Our 24/7 support team will work with you to setup your solution and ensure its a success. If Keycafe is not the right fit for you business, you may return it for a fully refund for up to 45 days!

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