New Features Update August 2022

We’ve had a busy summer working on new hardware and software features based on user feedback! Start using these features today for even more convenience and control over your keys!

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience and practicality of our system, so if you have a feature you’d like to see developed, let us know!

Create users without a phone number or email address

Staff are no longer required to provide a phone number/email address to access keys!

SmartBox Users, a new user category, can now be created for staff without the need for them to register an account with Keycafe.

Simply provide staff with their auto-generated, unique access code or User Badge and they can access keys they’ve been given permission for.

Learn about and create SmartBox Users.

Simple and trackable access codes

All users are now assigned a randomly generated and unique 6-digit access code that can be used to access keys they’ve been given permission to. These codes can be edited (4-6 digits) or disabled by administrators.

Access codes are available for both Full Users and SmartBox Users, and are a convenient (and more secure) alternative to phone numbers.

Start using access codes now.

Save by switching to an annual plan

We now offer an annual option for both our Lite and Premium plans, with a lower rate compared to monthly plans. Plan features are unchanged.

Contact us to save on your plan by switching over to annual payments!

See the new annual plans.

Instructional posters for your staff

Highly requested by our users, we have created instructional posters for every method of picking up and dropping off keys!

These posters can be printed and placed next to your SmartBox, ensuring staff know the proper steps. Each poster also contains a QR code linking to a video demonstration of the steps.

Minimize key exchange errors and help new staff understand the system today!

Download posters for:

¿Estás listo para gestionar tus llaves de forma inteligente?

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Contactar al equipo de ventas

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