New Features Update May 2024

We’re excited to announce several new features and improvements to the Keycafe app and SmartBox that will further transform your key management experience. Here's what's new for May 2024:

SmartBox Video Recording

Our highly anticipated Video Recording feature is now available! Organizations can automatically record each time a key is picked up or dropped off at the SmartBox.

This feature enhances security and accountability, providing peace of mind for key management. Available on the Premium and Business Pro plans with an MS5 SmartBox.

Learn more about how to set up and use this feature.

SmartBox Key Search

No more scrolling! For users with access to multiple keys, a search bar is now available on the key selection screen during key pickups.

For most users (with <50 keys), the list will automatically filter as you type. For users with access to many keys (>50), simply tap the search button after typing and the list will update.

Try it on your MS5 or MS4 SmartBox today!

SmartBox LED and Screen Colour Customization

We’re introducing two new options to customize your SmartBoxes to better match your brand image and improve the user experience:

  • LED Ring Colour: Change the colour of the LED ring around the camera on the MS5 to match your logo, environment, or any other colour you’d like. You can also choose between breathing, flashing, or solid lighting patterns.
  • Screen Colour Gradients: Create custom colour gradients for the buttons, banners, and text on the SmartBox screen.

Explore the customization options and how to implement them.

User Autocomplete

Adding user permissions just got easier with our new User Autocomplete feature. When adding a permission to a key, key group, or location, you can start typing a user’s name and a dropdown menu will appear with suggested names, making it faster and more efficient to manage user access.

This feature can be used for names of both Full and SmartBox Users. Try it out today in your Keycafe app!

Release Notes

Stay informed with our new Release Notes article in the Keycafe Help Centre. This article provides the latest bug fixes and improvements to the Keycafe app and SmartBox software. Also included are helpful links to read more about important updates.

Check out the latest release notes here.







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デジタル ノマド ライフスタイルを強化: レンタル キー管理の新時代

デジタル ノマド ライフスタイルを強化: レンタル キー管理の新時代

デジタル ノマド トレンドがレンタル市場に与える変革的な影響を探り、スマート キー管理システムが新時代の旅行者向けの長期宿泊施設にどのような変革をもたらしているかを発見します。

共有スペースの主要な管理: コワーキングおよびコリビング ソリューション

共有スペースの主要な管理: コワーキングおよびコリビング ソリューション

コワーキングおよびコリビング スペースにおける鍵管理の進化を探り、従来の方法の課題と、セキュリティと運用効率を強化するためのスマートな電子システムを採用する利点を理解します。

2023 年の職場の鍵管理について知っておくべきことすべて

2023 年の職場の鍵管理について知っておくべきことすべて