New Features Update December 2022

It’s time for another roundup of new features we’ve recently released! Highly requested by our users, these features will help with staff onboarding and emergency preparedness.

As always, let us know if there is a feature you’d like to see in our key management system.

Bulk User Uploads

For companies onboarding a large number of employees, Bulk User Uploads are now available to create and invite new users in a single batch.

Simply create a csv file following our guide and upload the data to your account for quick and easy user creation.

Learn about and create SmartBox Users.

Emergency Outage Plan

Our SmartBoxes are designed with offline access codes and battery backup to allow continued key access even in the most catastrophic outages.

Different outages call for different procedures, but we’ve got you covered no matter the circumstances.

Learn how to prepare for an outage.

Improved Instructional Posters

We’ve released a new version of our instructional pickup and dropoff posters for staff and customers, now featuring imagery to help users quickly understand each method.

These posters can be printed and placed next to your SmartBox, ensuring staff know the proper steps. Each poster also contains a QR code linking to a video demonstration of the steps.

Minimize key exchange errors and help new staff understand the system today!

Download posters for:

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