"We absolutely love Keycafe. It's allowed us to quickly and easily get Airbnb guests into our home. It's been nothing but great to use."
- Gaelle, Airbnb host


Key storage locations are nearby cafes. Your guests may pickup keys anytime during opening hours.
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Be anywhere and control access to your keys. Let somebody into your home remotely from work or the beach.


Your keys are anonymous. There is no personal identity or address information stored on the premises or the key itself. We use RFID technology to encode a fob only Keycafe can link back to your account.
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Our Keycafe fob tracks your keys as they check in and out. You are updated by SMS and email when your keys are accessed.

Questions and Answers

Where do I get my Keycafe fob?

The first time you drop your keys off, the Keycafe SmartBox will provide you with a fob to attach to your keys. The unique ID inside the fob will be linked to those keys in your account, and the fob should remain on your keys. You can read more on our how key exchange works page.

What if there is not a Keycafe location near me?

If we are not operating near you, we may be soon with your help. You can send an invitation to your local cafe through our site. Go to our locations page and click on the blue dots near your residence. Select a few cafes to invite as a service partner.

Who can pick up and drop off my keys?

Any Keycafe user is able to drop off keys at any location during opening hours. Only those you give access to can pickup your keys during the dates you specify.

What if my guest arrives late?

We have 24 hour locations you can store your keys in for late arrivals. Please check the cafe opening hours when booking and ensure your guest is aware of the hours. The operating hours of each cafe are posted on our locations page and also emailed to the guest.

Can I manage multiple keys on one account?

Yes, once you upgrade from the free plan, you can manage as many keys as you would like with Keycafe. Pricing plans are on a key basis and each key is billed separately in your account.

Can I have more than one key or other items on my keychain?

Yes, you may have multiple items attached to your Keycafe fob such as a building fob and apartment door key. If your key set is excessively large, we may not be able to accommodate them.

Can I access my account on any device?

Yes, you assign access to your keys through your account at www.keycafe.com. Your account is available on any Internet enabled device you have including a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

How do I know my keys are safe?

Your keys are stored in a Keycafe kiosk not accessible to the public, and there is no identifying information on the keys that could be used by a passerby. You can read more about key safety on our security page.