User Authentication

Your keys are stored inside a secure bin controlled by our servers. Guest users must authenticate themselves before access to your keys is granted.

PIN Entry

Software Intrusion Detection Systems

We're alerted if anyone makes attempts to access our data centres, and we can react in real time.

Instant Updates

Verification & SMS Updates

Your keys are tracked by a Keycafe fob each time they are checked in or out. You receive email and SMS updates when keys are accessed.

Secure Software

Key Anonymity

Only parties you give access to online are able to see information about your keys. In the unlikely event your keys were compromised, there is no information on the Keycafe fob indicating where they can be used.

Secure Data

Terminal Data

No sensitive data is stored locally on Keycafe terminals and the device is further protected by security and anti-theft software.

Payment Processor


We use PCI compliant payment processor Braintree for encrypting and processing credit card payments.


Security Socket Layer

A private communication channel between your computer and Keycafe ensures that when you are managing your account, your information is safely transmitted.


Managed Firewalls

Your data is secure behind state of the art firewalls.