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For Facilities, Offices, Small Auto Fleets
  • 1 Location
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 Co-Admin
  • 2 Key Groups
  • Key Level Permissions
  • One-Time Bookings
  • Key Codes
  • Activity History
  • Data Imports/Exports
Device Price +
$79 / Mo / Location $59 / Mo / Location
(Billed Annually)
For Short Term Rentals, Multi Location, Large Scale Fleets
All the benefits of the Lite plan, plus:
  • Multiple Locations
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Co-Admins
  • 1 Org Admin
  • Programmable Alerts
  • Time Shifts
  • Maximum Keys
  • Third-party Integrations
  • API Access
Device Price +
$119 / Mo / Location $99 / Mo / Location
(Billed Annually)
For Large Organizations, System Integrators, and Advanced Workflow Needs
All the benefits of the Premium plan, plus:
  • Unlimited Org Admins
  • Multi-Organization
  • Community Locations
  • SmartBox White Labeling
  • 3 Year Device Warranty
Device Price +
$175 / Mo / Location $149 / Mo / Location
(Billed Annually)


$8.95 per key pickup
+ $0.75 per day storage

+ applicable taxes

Freedom Unlimited Annual

Freedom Unlimited Annual

$395 per key per year

+ applicable taxes

Unlimited Pickups
Unlimited Storage

Volume Discount

Volume Discount

per pickup
per day
10+ $7.95 $0.70
25+ $6.95 $0.60
100+ $5.95 $0.55

Volume discounts are applied as your monthly billing cycle progresses across all keys. Pickups 1 to 9 are charged at $8.95, pickups 10 to 24 are charged at $7.95, pickups 25 to 99 are charged at $6.95, and all additional pickups are charged at $5.95. At the end of your monthly billing cycle, the process resets.

SmartBoxes for Businesses

SmartBoxes for Businesses

    Lite Device Price +
$79 / Mo / Location $59 / Mo / Location
(Billed Annually)
Premium Device Price +
$119 / Mo / Location $99 / Mo / Location
(Billed Annually)
BusinessPro Device Price +
$175 / Mo / Location $149 / Mo / Location
(Billed Annually)
SmartBox Configuration
Documentation More Information Locations 1 No Limit No Limit
Documentation More Information Expansion Units 10 / Location 10 / Location 10 / Location
Documentation More Information Language Support 2 9 9
Users & Permissions
Documentation More Information Trackable Users No Limit No Limit No Limit
Documentation More Information User Management
Documentation More Information Activity History
Documentation More Information All Keys Permission
Documentation More Information Key Level Permissions
Documentation More Information One-Time Bookings
Documentation More Information Key Codes
Documentation More Information Time Shift Permissions  
Documentation More Information Co-Administrators 1
More Information Org Administrators   1
Documentation More Information Support No Limit
24 Hour Email/ Chat/ Phone
No Limit
24 Hour Email/ Chat/ Phone
No Limit
24 Hour Email/ Chat/ Phone
Advanced Features
Documentation More Information 2FA Key Pickups
Documentation More Information Remote Troubleshooting
Documentation More Information Offline Unlock Codes
Documentation More Information Emergency Failsafe
Documentation More Information Data Imports/Exports
More Information Maximum Keys  
Documentation More Information Programmable Alerts  
Documentation More Information Groups 2 No Limit No Limit
Documentation More Information API  
Documentation More Information Airbnb Integration  
Documentation More Information Guesty Integration  
Documentation More Information Fleetio Integration  
More Information Code Aliases  
Documentation More Information SmartBox White Labeling    
More Information Community Locations    
More Information Multiple Organizations    

* Feature list and availability by plan is subject to change

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

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Add Ons

Add Ons

$19 / Device / Month

Cellular Connectivity

For remote outdoor locations without WiFi access, you can operate your SmartBox on our cellular network served by hundreds of top carriers around the world.

Contact Us For Pricing

Enterprise White Glove Service

For customers with plans to operate 25 or more locations, we offer an extended 5 year warranty, dedicated engineering and account manager resources, guaranteed support response times, API SLA, and other white glove services.

$250 / Installation

Installation Coordination

Installation is as easy as setting up a smart home product, so we generally recommend doing it yourself. If you want help coordinating a smooth installation, a dedicated member of our operations team will liase with your preferred contractor or onsite resource by phone or video, claim the device to your account and perform a quality check.