Vehicle & Asset Keys

Vehicle & Asset

Simple online software for down to the minute control over who has access to what keys.

Full Transparency


Complete history audit of your fleet, know when keys are taken out and when they are not returned, who has them.

Remote Deployments


Install on-site and manage your fleet from anywhere with easy to use, yet powerful management software and connected smart key lockers.

“Keycafe gives me peace of mind knowing the keys are locked up, and no one can come in and steal trucks easily. It’s a great inventory system to know where your keys are and to give access to your drivers.”

Josh Boyce of Fenced In & Decked Out

Customize your solution now

Configure and purchase your smart key deployment in minutes. Our 24/7 support team will work with you to setup your solution and ensure its a success. If Keycafe is not the right fit for you business, you may return it for a fully refund for up to 60 days!

Customize your solution now
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