At Your Place Property Management, the team encountered a significant hurdle in their operations – the lack of an efficient, secure backup key system for their diverse portfolio of multi-family, single-family, and commercial properties. This gap in their operations not only posed a risk to resident satisfaction but also to their bottom line, as electronic lock failures often resulted in residents being locked out, necessitating costly and inconvenient locksmith interventions. The company saw approximately four lockouts per year, each costing around $250 for after-hours locksmith services. This highlighted an urgent need for a more sustainable and reliable solution.

The operational inefficiencies extended beyond emergency lockouts. The absence of a process for contractor access to properties without electronic locks compounded the challenge. If a resident was unable to be home during the work day, the property owner would end up paying a larger bill as contractors charged significantly higher rates for after-hours service calls, adversely affecting both owner and tenant satisfaction. This multifaceted problem demanded a solution that could address both immediate access issues and broader operational inefficiencies, marking a pivotal moment for the company to improve their service delivery.

Pain Points

  • No Emergency Key Access: No reliable system in place for residents to access keys during electronic lock failure, leading to costly locksmith calls and upset tenants.
  • Locksmith Costs: An average of 4 lockouts per year cost $1,000 annually just in after-hours locksmith charges.
  • Property Owner Expenses: Waiting for residents to return home from work for contractor visits meant after-hours surcharges for owners.


The introduction of Keycafe's SmartBox key management system allowed for a centralized key storage approach, eliminating the logistical nightmares associated with managing numerous key boxes and ensuring a seamless, secure access system for both residents and contractors.

Once an electronic lock is installed at a new client property, a backup key is logged in the Keycafe software and placed in the SmartBox at Your Place Property Management’s central office. If a lock fails and the resident needs the backup key, they are given instructions for accessing the SmartBox in the 24/7 lobby of the office. They simply arrive at the SmartBox and enter a unique PIN code that only allows access to their property’s key. No on-site staff needed and a costly locksmith call is avoided. This not only streamlined operations but also significantly bolstered security and convenience.

Furthermore, Keycafe's solution extended its benefits to contractor access management, addressing another critical aspect of Your Place Property Management's operational challenges. Using the same workflow of picking up keys at the office lobby, contractors could now access properties during the day without tenant presence, thereby saving on the additional costs of after-hours service calls. This enhancement in operational efficiency not only saved money for property owners but also served as a unique selling point for Your Place Property Management, helping to attract new clients and foster positive tenant experiences, which in turn, translated into positive service reviews and business growth.

Your Place Property Management's Implementation

  • Centralized Key Management: Keycafe's system was installed in the office lobby to manage hundreds of client keys centrally, eliminating the need for individual key boxes.
  • Automated 24/7 Key Access: Residents and contractors enjoy a reliable key access system, ensuring round-the-clock access to properties.
  • Simple PIN Code Authentication: Contractors and residents needing to pick up a key are sent a unique code that only gives them access to the key they’ve been authorized to use.

“I knew before we even ordered the system that this would be our solution. We did not consider any other options. Keycafe was the only one to allow electronic access without having to manage hundreds of different key boxes that we would have needed for each property.”


The implementation of Keycafe by Your Place Property Management improved efficiency, security, and both resident and owner satisfaction for the company. The system's impact was profound, reducing the reliance on costly locksmith services and significantly improving both tenant and property owner satisfaction. The four lockouts per year, previously a source of financial and operational strain, has now been effectively mitigated, showcasing the tangible benefits of Keycafe's key control system.

Moreover, the strategic application of Keycafe for contractor access has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced the overall service experience, creating a ripple effect of benefits. The savings realized from avoiding expensive after-hours contractor fees, combined with the operational efficiencies, have fortified Your Place Property Management's position in the local property rental market, making it a compelling choice for property owners and tenants alike.

The Outcome

  • Cost Savings: The system has provided a cost-effective alternative to locksmith services, saving $1,000+ a year.
  • Improved Resident and Owner Satisfaction: The investment in Keycafe's system has impressed both property owners and residents, demonstrating a commitment to reliable property management solutions.
  • Professional Image: The sleek user interface and professional appearance of the Keycafe system are now a selling point, enabling the company to attract new clients.
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