Hardware price

Each base station requires a platform subscription

MS220 Base

MS220 Base


8 bin capacity

Includes 30 Keycafe tracking fobs
MS200 Base

MS200 Base


25 bin capacity

Includes 30 Keycafe tracking fobs
MS210 Expansion

MS210 Expansion


30 bin capacity

(expands capacity of an existing base station)

SmartBoxes for Businesses


$49 / Mo / SmartBox


$99 / Mo / SmartBox

For Facilities, Offices, Small Auto Fleets For Short Term Rentals, Multi Location, Large Scale Fleets
SmartBox Configuration    
Locations Up to 2 locations Unlimited
Expansion Units Unlimited Unlimited
Language Support Up to 2 Languages Up to 9 Languages
Users & Accesses    
Pin Code Users Unlimited Unlimited
Smartphone App Users Unlimited Unlimited
Device Key Exchange
App Key Exchange
Scheduled Bookings
Anytime Accesses
Support Unlimited
24 Hour Email/Chat
24 Hour Email/Chat/Phone
Advanced Features    
2FA Key Pickups
Remote Troubleshooting
Offline Unlock Codes
Invite Key Service
Key Not Returned Alerts Up to 10 Keys
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
Airbnb Integration Integration
Guesty Integration
Groups Up to 2 Groups
(Coming soon)
(Coming soon)
Multi Key Owner / Tenant Amenity (Non-Airbnb Only)
Code Alias
SmartBox Firmware Whitelabeling
Notification CCs
(Coming soon)
Multi Key Pickup Account Owner
(Coming soon)
All Users
(Coming soon)

Add Ons

High Volume Short Term Rentals

$39 / mo / expansions short term rental use cases

For use cases in which there is a high throughput of a one-time guest check-ins at a location, and additional monthly fee will be charged for expansion units.

Enterprise VIP

Call for Pricing

In addition to its normal support channels, Keycafe maintains a special hotline for VIP enterprise clientele. You will receive a VIP phone number you may call for high priority escalations and an email for your company, e.g., for higher prioritization of your tickets.

Additionally, if you develop for the Keycafe API, you will receive a dedicated Slack channel with a Keycafe product manager and software engineer.

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